Since 2013, French Riviera Marathon Nice-Cannes has received the label "Sustainable development, sport commits" from the CNOSF (French National Sportive and Olympic committee).

This label guarantees that the organizers of the Marathon want to commit for sustainable development from now and for the future years.

In order to provide guideliness to all of the marathon’s stakeholders, the ‘GREEN LINE’ charter was created with the purpose to inform, educate and raise awareness on our commitment. This charter will be diplayed on the bibs collection Expo. Runners will be able to sign it to demonstrate the same commitment to sustainable development as ours.

« I AM » : I become aware of my own importance to sustainable development and my responsabilities.

« I RESPECT » : I become aware of the impact of my actions.

« I PARTICIPATE » : I become part of sustainable development.

« I CHANGE » : I change my habits to be sustainable.

« I SHARE » : I create a social link and spread the word.

« I PURSUE » : I will change my actions in the long run.


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Commit ourselves to reduce and control our waste on the marathon:

Set up of clean areas after each aid station and sponge points. All the runners will have to dump rubbish in the spaces provided.


Adjustement of the quantity of water distributed on aid stations : distribution of cups instead of bottles to avoid waste and dispersion of plastic on the marathon.

Azur Sport Organisation
Azur Sport Organisation