This year, your participation on French Riviera Marathon Nice-Cannes
will have a direct consequence on environment :


On every sponge stations located on km 7,5 / 12,5 / 17,5 / 22,5 / 27,5 / 32,5 / 37,5, single-use cups and sponges will be suppressed. Only the sponge (collected on the numbers collection Expo) and your ecocup could be used on these kms points. But, on traditional Aid Stations (food and drink) located on km 5 / 10 / 15 / 20 / 25 / 30 / 35 / 40, our volunteers will continue to give you cups of water.


Thanks to your ecocup (if you usually used it on others events), you will enjoy water on every sponge stations located on km 7,5 / 12,5 / 17,5 / 22,5 / 27,5 / 32,5 / 37,5 or by buying one on SALOMON STAND or in specialist shops.
*in the limit of available stock.


Thanks to the participation of each runner, 700 kgs of waste will be suppressed this year (suppression of 100,000 single use cups and 20,000 sponges) and one quarter of goods transport fleet!

I run for a greener event!

Ecology and protection of environment are important preoccupation for French Riviera Marathon Nice-Cannes ! Help us to make our marathon a green and environmentaly friendly event!

Creation of a common booth over 20 m² dedicated to green actions jointly organized by The Tyre lady and The Animal Fund Association.

Green operation communication on the Expo and at the finish area.

Reduction of sponges and single use cups on the Marathon.

Waste recovery and sorting along the route.

Restriction of print supports and coworking with local providers and partners envolved towards environment.

Selection of local providers and partners respectful of the ethic charter .

The Tyre Lady

Rima Wates surnamed ‘The Tyre Lady’ will participate to the Marathon this year again by pulling a tyre to awareness the general opinion about the importance to collect and reduce waste in the world.

Her ai mis to compte 100 marathons events within 2020 to convince marathon organizations reducing waste.

Last year, Rima ran the Marathon in 7h00’27’’.

Rima will be present on the environment stand to educate people about the importance to protect the environment.

The Animal Fund

The Animal Fund (TAF) is a non-profit association created in 2015 whose objective is to help to protect and preserve the maritime funds. TAF wants to educate and inform people through advertising campains and its participation to major sporting events.