Marathon des Alpes-Maritimes Nice-Cannes


Group / club Offer

C.E, Entreprises, Clubs FFA, Club Fitness, Associations

With our groups deals, the marathon become a team sport !

Offer reserved for a group of 10 entries minimum
(Any group of less than 10 entries will not be treated)

Highlight the colors of your company, your club or your association in a sporting event which attract more than 13,000 runners. Enjoy the best groups deals for our 3 races (Marathon, 2x21.1 km, Relay Marathon.

Conditions & avantages

  • 10 entries for every race
  • The first entry fees rate
  • 1 free entry for 10 purchased
  • Challenge des clubs et remise des trophées (sur les 5 meilleurs temps)

How process for the registration of your group?

  • 1. Download the group form.
  • 2. Fill it and return it by email to :
  • 3. Then, you will get by email your invoice to process to transfer money.


Friday, November 3, 2023: From 7.00pm till 9.00pm (free goodie)

@activimages Marathon des Alpes-Maritimes Nice-Cannes 2022
@activimages Marathon des Alpes-Maritimes Nice-Cannes 2022