Welcome to the 15th edition !

Come and run this anniversary edition in blue!

Did you know it?
It allegedly traces back to the 1956 Melbourne Olympics, when a line « ligne bleue » was first painted to guide the runners to run to the strict minimum the distance of 42,195 km

As we have the chance that our marathon is located on Cote d'Azur (in Alps-Maritimes department) usually associated to sun and blue sky, we have decided to associate this 15th edition to the thematic of running in blue on the D-Day! Are uou ready?

All the runners from beginners to pros are more than welcome to join Nice-Cannes Marathon.
Distances at the event are marathon, 2x21k, 20k, marathon relay (3,4,5 or 6)

From Nice to Cannes, come to experience a 5 stars experience on November 5 and discover the gorgeous framework of Côte d'Azur and succombe to the « French Riviera art de vivre »! As nearly 160,000 runners since the first edition in 2008, come and run on one of the most beautiful route in the world and enjoy the party and marathon spirit throughout your stay with us.

Next 5 November, the French Riviera Nice-Cannes Marathon will celebrate its 15th edition! Several surprises are waiting for you!

Sunday, November 5, 2023

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15th edition
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15 years – 15 testimonials

Marie et Magali

Participant of 2022 edition

We ran 2x21.1 km race and it was fantastic! What a gorgeous route and finishing on the red carpet was magic! Palm trees and Croisette, what a uncredible framework! Next year, we will comeback to run the full distance!


Participant of 2021 edition

Nice-Cannes Marathon is the rendez-vous not to missed! I have been faithfull from the first editiion! It's the a real pleasure every year! See you soon!


Participant from virtual version in 2020

Thanks to you, I use to walk and to run and now I am able to run a 10 km and maybe later a marathon! Thank you so much!


Participant from 2019 edition

The framework is uncredible! What a beautiful experience!


Participant from 2018 edition

I participated to 20 km and I loved it! But now I would like to run until Cannes! It will be my goal for next year!


Participant of 2017 edition

Nice-Cannes was my dream and I did it for my 40th birthday!


Participant of 2016 edition

My first Nice-Cannes was my first one under a beautiful sunlight!


Participant of 2015 edition

Extra as usual! A faithful runner!


Participant of 2014 edition

A new personal best score! Thank you so much for this fantastic organization! The best one!


Participant of 2013 edition

Always extra! Thank you!


Participant of 2012 edition

Nothing but happiness! Congratulations to all and to the organization!


Participant of 2011 edition

I loved it! Wonderful! See you next year!


Participant of 2010 edition

An exceptional marathon! The best one to me!


Participant of 2009 edition

My first experience on marathon distance! My first medal ! Nice atmosphere with music bands and beautiful framework!


Participante of 2008 edition

Thanks to the volunteers and the music bands! A wonderful day! A BIG thank fo you!