Marathon des Alpes-Maritimes Nice-Cannes


Experience runners

All of us are unique! All of us gathered on the same marathon!

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[Séverine 47 years old - City : Arras ]

Séverine choose French Riviera Marathon Nice-Cannes to run her FIRST marathon! Séverine has practised running for 3 years. After recovering from heart attack 6 years ago, running helps her to take revenge on Life!

After participating to a 5 km, then a 10 km and a half marathon last year, Séverine will be on the start line of Nice-Cannes Marathon on November 3 and she explains why:

"All people who run Nice-Cannes Marathon told me that it was their favourite marathon! It is the ideal run to do his first marathon because I was told that the beauty of the scenary easily offset the difficulty of the marathon distance."

Come to join Séverine to run your FIRST marathon!
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[Frédéric 43 years old - City : Toulouse ]

Frédéric repeates experience of French Riviera Nice-Cannes Marathon for the second time this year and explains why:

"To me, it is the most beautiful marathon around the world! Excellent support and ambiance along the marathon and everywhere! To km 30 at Cap d'Antibes, under pin trees for a little bit of coolness I love it!
Finishing in Cannes, on Boulevard de la Croisette where support and atmosphere are awasome! To be finisher on French Riviera Marathon Nice-Cannes is a lot of emotions and very pretty images in the head."

As Frédéric, come to expérience a second time the unique emotion of French Riviera Marathon Nice-Cannes!
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[Francesco 23 years old - City : Gênes ]

Francesco run a marathon for the first time last year never even done a 5 km before that! It took him 4 hours and 12 minutes to finish his first marathon! Now, he wants to improve his time and choose to run the French Riviera Marathon Nice-Cannes! Now my goal is to do a sub 3.30. Other people discouraged me to do. But as a guy once said: 'something is impossible until you do it". And that's exactly what I'll say to myself once I cross the line!

"I chose the Nice-Cannes Marathon because it's the same date as Turin's Marathon but I wanted to run with hopefully good weather and a nice sightseeing run. And Côte d'Azur is way better than the Italian flat (ah ah ah)."

As Francesco, choose French Riviera to run your first Marathon in France!
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[Dmitry 43 ans, Moscou ]

Dmitry took part in Nice-Cannes Marathon for the 10th anniversary in 2017. He already had repeated experience of participation in half marathons so the choice for his first marathon was very important for him! And he started looking for the best international start. He learned about Nice-Cannes Marathon for internet and positive reviews about it. What is so interesting?

I liked everything : time, climate, interesting route, excellent reviews about the organization! I made a decision and have no regrets! Marathon left me with the most positive impressions, and gave me the mood to movge on! Everything was at the higest level. Great Expo. Super organization in general. Excellent food on the track! An interesting and not difficult route, quality partricipant package and finisher! With great plesure, I would repeat this start! I recommand it not onbly as a marathon BUT and as first start!